10 Guest Posting Services to Rank Higher in SERPs

10 Guest Posting Services to Rank Higher in SERPs
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Struggling to find new guest posting opportunities or tired of blogger outreach?
This post will introduce you to 10 guest posting services that’ll take the weight of prospecting and outreach off your shoulders and help you earn quality backlinks.
So, let’s get right into it.
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First up is Smartlinks, a community-based link-building tool that helps you find and convert relevant backlink opportunities. It offers two options for guest posting:
a) Write Guest Posts for Other Publishers: Smartlinks bypasses the need for writing emails to publishers(or filling in Google forms) by listing guest posting opportunities(within its ecosystem) on your dashboard.
To access them, you must first register your site on Smartlinks(it’s free!) and navigate to the guest posts option in the left-side menu.
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Once you find a suitable opportunity, click the “Send Guest Post Request” button to connect with the publisher.
To iron out details, use the Ongoing Collaboration option at the top. This will display your message history with the publisher(once you’ve sent a request).
b) Request Backlinks in Outgoing Guest Posts: Besides writing guest posts for other websites, Smartlinks allows you to request link insertions in outgoing guest posts. They can be accessed via the Awaiting Link Partners option on the Guest Posts screen. This will show you a list of outgoing posts from various publishers.
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Once you find a relevant post, click on it. This will take you to the full article view where you can see potential Link Opportunities. To apply to any of them, use the tick mark on the right.
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  • Offers instant access to high-quality guest posting opportunities
  • Allows you to obtain backlinks in outgoing guest posts – giving you more link-building opportunities
  • Serves both link builders and publishers(as a publisher, you can add opportunities to Smartlinks, or share an outgoing post for link insertions)
  • Gives you access to an exclusive link-building community that hosts leading SaaS brands like Mailmodo, Narrato, Writesonic, Salesmate, and Bettermode
P.S.: Smartlinks also has a Link Insertion feature that helps you obtain high-quality backlinks for your existing content. To learn more about it, sign up for Smartlinks.


Smartlinks is absolutely free!

2. Authority Builders

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Backed by SEO expert Matt Diggity, Authority Builders specializes in writing and publishing guest posts for a variety of niches, like business and marketing, healthcare and fitness, home and real estate, etc.
It currently offers two options for guest posting:
a) ABC Packages: This signature service lets you create a guest posting package based on your DR(domain rating), word count, and link quantity preferences.
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b) Browse Inventory: Designed for advanced users, this option allows you to browse Authority Builders' network of niche-relevant websites offering guest posting opportunities.

Why Choose Authority Builders?

  • It has an inventory of deeply vetted websites(starting from DA 20)
  • Guarantees 1K+ monthly visitors from linking domains(or a full refund)
  • It lets you track your guest posting efforts and download white-label reports
  • It’s quite affordable( $80 per guest post link)


Variable (depends on DR/DA, link quantity, and word count preferences).

3. Loganix

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Helmed by SEO expert Adam Steele, Loganix offers an end-to-end guest posting solution that comprises three steps:
Step 1- You share a list of URLs and anchor text (from your site) you need backlinks for.
Step 2 - Loganix shares a list of relevant websites for you to approve or veto. Once you’ve selected some sites, Loganix gets its writers to create content that aligns with your goals and each site’s guidelines.
Step 3 - After confirming your link's placement, Loganix shares a white-label report.

Why Choose Loganix?

  • It works with verified websites(with 50+ referring domains, DA/DR 30, and 100+ monthly organic traffic)
  • Hires American or Canadian writers and follows a rigorous vetting process.
  • It replaces rejected links with equal or better links as part of its placement guarantee
  • It offers a progress tracker with white-label reports
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Loganix offers two guest posting plans:
  1. Guest Posts Basic: For new websites still building authority($200/post)
  1. Guest Posts Premium: For established websites($300/post)
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Get Me Links knows what it takes to deliver quality guest posts – which is why, it has a comprehensive checklist to weed out:
  • Guest post farms
  • Hacked sites
  • PBNs(Private Blog Networks)
  • Irrelevant articles
  • Sites that advertise “Write for Us”
  • Sites that receive no traffic
As for which websites are worth getting backlinks from, the company uses several popular link-building metrics, including:
  • Traffic
  • Ahrefs’ DR
  • Majestic’s trust and citation flow
  • Great customer support with fast response times(24hrs during business days, 48hrs during holidays)
  • Ensures link placement as per its Quality Checklist(or link replacement at no cost)
  • Flexible pricing model with several options (more on this in a bit).
  • Offers customized campaigns(designed as sprints) based on your ideal timeline, budget, and competition
  • It only works with DR 30+ sites(with 1K+ organic visitors and 100+ referring domains)
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Get Me Links bundles its guest posting services into three categories:
  • Standard: Ranging from $900 to $3300
  • Casino(for gambling links): Ranging from $3,200 to $19,000
  • Custom: Prices depend on your DR and traffic preferences
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Ecommerce Link Builders is a leading guest posting service that caters to:
  • E-commerce site owners
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • In-house teams
It offers “hands-free” guest posting solutions, requiring only your site URL and keywords. Once they have that, they take care of everything, including:
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Content Creation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Anchor text selection
  • Negotiating placements
  • Placement reporting
  • Keyword rank tracking
To understand how they work, you can buy an individual post(more on this later) or read their comprehensive case studies. Or better yet, check out their impressive roster of clients – which features names like Brian Dean (Backlinko founder and creator of the Skyscraper link-building strategy).
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  • Unlike other agencies, it has a minimum word limit of 1,000 words (most agencies only offer 500)
  • Articles are ghostwritten and published under the name of the website owner or staff member
  • No label, metadata, or HTML suggesting your article is sponsored or a guest post
  • Every link you get from them is from a 100% unique domain
  • They perform over 35 checks to verify a publisher


There are three ways to buy guest posts from Ecommerce Link Builders:
  • Link-building Packages: 100% hands-free solutions ranging from $1,497/month to $4,997.
  • Custom Link-Building Packages: Guest posting solution tailored to your requirements.
  • Single Post: Offers 100% “done for you” individual posts with free monthly reports.
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6. Adsy

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Like Smartlinks, Adsy caters to publishers and people looking for guest posting opportunities. It, however, takes a different approach to how these groups interact and benefit from its platform.
For instance, people looking for guest posting opportunities have two options:
  • Order and Place Your Content: You register your site on Adsy, select your target publishers, and place an order.
  • Order Content Only: You sign up for Adsy, fill out a form(specifying your content requirements), and place your order.
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Publishers, on the other hand, get a chance to monetize their platform(s). To do this, they must:
  • Add their websites to Adsy and pass a quality check.
  • Receive tasks directly from buyers.
Once they create and publish buyer content, they’re paid according to their set price.

Why Choose Adsy?

  • It guarantees content placement with no alterations
  • Facilitates direct contact between guest post buyers and publishers
  • Allows publishers to set their own prices
  • It works with DA40+ publishers


All prices are set by publishers.

7. Uplers

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Uplers is a great option for those who want more control over their guest posting strategy. It offers a range of tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements like country-specific domains, traffic, etc.
Ordering from Uplers is pretty straightforward. Just share your website URL and niche preferences, and let them handle:
  • Prospecting and writing: Uplers’ native content writers create a unique post and publish it with a link to your site.
  • Reporting: The company will share a white-label report once the article is published.
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Note that Uplers also lets you write your own article. However, it should be written before placing an order.

Why Choose Uplers?

  • It has an inventory of deeply vetted websites(filtered by DA, domain life, organic traffic, indexed pages, traffic location, etc.)
  • Offers a 100% link replacement guarantee
  • Completes the entire process, from research to posting, within 30 days
  • Hires native content writers


Uplers accepts both individual and bulk orders. The pricing for individual guest post links is as follows:
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The Hoth

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If you want a hands-off guest posting solution that requires minimal monitoring, look no further. The Hoth offers a ‘done-for-you’ guest posting service that promises:
  • Backlinks from ranking websites
  • In-content links
  • A reseller-friendly reporting system
  • Ensure a turnaround time of 30 days
Like Uplers, The Hoth has a simple ordering system:
  • You share a page (and an anchor) on your website for link outreach.
  • Once The Hoth has all your requirements, it creates a high-quality post and publishes it on a relevant site.
  • Finally, it shares a white-label report in your dashboard within 30 days.

Why Choose The Hoth?

  • A fully transparent reporting system for all link outreach orders
  • An inventory of verified websites(with an average DA of 20)
  • Offers customized pricing based on your DA/DR, word count, and traffic preferences
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As mentioned above, the Hoth offers customized pricing for individual posts. To learn more, schedule a call or check out their pricing tool.


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UK-based Searcharoo offers a powerful guest posting solution focused on:
  • Anchor Text Flexibility: They can use any type of anchor text you request within its guest posts
  • RSOS(Reverse Sink or Swim) Backlinks: They aim to obtain links that include your keyword or are related to the page you're trying to rank.
Like other services, Searcharoo employs a 3-step process to publish guest posts:
  • Outreach: Searcharoo takes your URL, anchor text, and word count requirements and reaches out to blog owners for opportunities.
  • Link Approval and Content Creation: After compiling a list of suitable prospects, the company filters them as per your feedback. Next, an experienced writer creates a post including your in-content link with your chosen anchor text.
  • View Guest Post Placement: Once an article is live with your link, you receive an email notification. You also get a report with website data on your free dashboard.

Why Choose Searcharoo?

  • They assign a dedicated account manager for every order
  • Offer 500 words of free content in guest posting packages
  • Ensure in-content links with anchor-text flexibility(at the publisher’s discretion)
  • They ensure a turnaround time of 30 days


Searcharoo sells individual posts as well as guest posting packages. Prices for the former are as follows:
  • DR 30+ post at $160
  • DR 45+ post at $240
  • DR 60+ post at $320
Prices for its link-building packages are as follows:
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Outreach Mama

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We’re concluding this list with one of the most popular guest posting services out there – Outreach Mama.
It offers end-to-end guest posting solutions, trusted by brands like:
  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Backlinko
  • Search Engine Watch
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: The Outreach Mama team works with you to identify the best pages for guest post links on your site.
Step 2: Next, they compile a list of relevant prospects from their inventory and share it for approval.
Step 3: Once you agree on what blogs to target, Outreach Mama pitches content ideas to their editors(keeping you updated throughout).
Step 4: An experienced writer then creates an article based on the publisher's guidelines.
Step 5: Outreach Mama notifies you as soon as the post goes live.

Why Choose Outreach Mama?

  • It works with a network of deeply vetted websites(filtered by organic traffic, DR, and a decent trust-to-citation flow ratio)
  • Offers anchor text and target page flexibility for most sites(so you can choose any target page and anchor for your guest post)
  • Ensures one year of link uptime (or offers free replacement)
  • Offers customized link-building plans based on your competitors
  • Hires native writers and editors
  • Shares a bi-weekly manual update


Buying a single post from Outreach Mama can cost you $175(or more). If you’re looking to buy more, you might want to explore one of the following options:
  • 5 links for $1,100
  • 10 links for $2,100
  • 15 links for $3,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a link-building tactic that involves writing a blog post for another site in exchange for a backlink. It's a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit: the guest writer gains exposure to a new audience(and a link to their website), while the publisher gets fresh, quality content.

2. Is guest posting safe?

Absolutely! As long as you avoid link spam and ensure that your content is valuable and relevant, you’re in the clear.

3. How long does it take to see results from guest posts?

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, as it largely depends on various factors like content quality, relevance, and topical authority(a measure of your website’s credibility in a niche), you can generally start seeing initial results within a few weeks. Long-term success, however, requires consistent effort and a sustained guest posting strategy.

4. What criteria should you consider when selecting a guest posting service?

Based on our experience, the following criteria are quite helpful when choosing a guest posting service:
  • Reputation: Ensure a service has a proven track record of successful guest posts. Check reviews and testimonials to gauge their credibility. Also, ask for samples to assess their writing and editing capabilities.
  • Site Quality: Ensure a service has a network(or inventory) of high-quality websites. Backlinks from authoritative sites carry more weight and contribute significantly to your SEO efforts.
  • Replacement Guarantee: Opt for services that either replace lost links for free or guarantee a link uptime of one year. This way, you can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your backlinks.
  • Fast turnaround time: A service with a turnaround time of 30 days can help you achieve your SEO goals faster.
  • Regular Reporting: A good service should provide regular updates on the status of your placements and their impact on your SEO.

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