The 10 Best Link Building Services for 2024

The 10 Best Link Building Services for 2024
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Let’s face it: Building quality links to your content isn’t easy.
It takes considerable time and effort, and not everyone has that luxury –  especially those who don’t have a dedicated SEO team.
That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best link-building services – categorized by niches. We came across them while trying to outsource our SEO efforts. Of course, that was before we set up Smartlinks – which is also on the list.
If Smartlinks doesn’t align with your strategy, we’re sure one of these services will fit the bill
The following services specialize in building quality links for SaaS websites. Each of them boasts an impressive roster of clients and offers holistic solutions for boosting brand awareness and search engine rankings.
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First up is Smartlinks, our in-house link-building service that caters exclusively to Tech and SaaS websites. Our main offerings include:
  • Link Insertions and Niche Edits: Our team negotiates high-authority links for your site with contextual changes in existing content.
  • Guest Posting: We partner with well-known publishers and experienced writers to publish a quality guest post for you.
By opting for our services, you get:
  • A 100% live dashboard, designed exclusively for your team.
  • A dedicated account manager and strategist (for fully managed sites).
  • A manual review of prospects to filter out PBNs, link farms, irrelevant content, and poor-quality sites.
  • A link replacement guarantee for rejected(or lost) backlinks.
  • 250 words per niche edit and 1,500 words per guest post.
For those building backlinks on a budget, Smartlinks offers a free link-building tool that finds relevant prospects for your site (filtered by your DR, Traffic, and Spam Score preferences) you can convert with a single click!
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Plus, a guest posting feature that connects you with publishers and lets you request backlinks in outgoing guest posts (from other websites).
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Note that Smartlinks also gives you access to an exclusive link-building community that hosts brands like Mailmodo, Narrato, Writesonic, and Bettermode and shares regular marketing and link-building insights.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up for Smartlinks.

Best for

SaaS founders and content marketers looking to accelerate their outreach efforts


Smartlinks offers both ongoing and single-link placement services. The prices for the latter are as follows:
  • Link Insertions($100-$250/link)
  • Guest Posting($150-$350/guest post)

2. uSERP

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uSERP is a full-service link-building agency that specializes in SaaS SEO. It leverages manual outreach and a content-driven approach to land clients backlinks in high DA/DR websites like Hubspot and Forbes.
As part of its link-building services, uSERP offers:
  • Competitor gap and anchor text analysis
  • Digital PR link-building
  • Unclaimed brand mentions
  • Guest posting and content distribution
In addition to this, all uSERP plans include technical audits, on-page optimizations, and a dashboard with weekly updates.  It also has a Slack community with dedicated channels for guest posting and link exchanges(read more about their pros and cons here).

Best for

SaaS companies with a decent link-building budget.


uSERP requires a minimum six-month commitment with a 60-day cancellation notice. Currently, it offers three plans:
  • Startup ($10,000/month)
  • Scale ($15,000/month)
  • Authority ($20,000/month)
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3. Page One Power

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If you want a customized link-building solution, look no further. Page One Power tailors its plans to fit your needs – no matter where you are in your SEO journey.
Here are a few services offered by this agency:
  • Guest posting
  • Resource page link-building (earns backlinks through long-form content)
  • Unlinked mentions link-building
  • Outreach link-building (uses existing backlinks to build more links)
In addition to this, it provides technical SEO audits and content creation services to improve your rankings.

Best for

Businesses with a dedicated link-building budget


Page One Power offers four plans:
  • Benchmark ($4,000/month)
  • Expansion ($7,500/month)
  • Boost ($12,000/month)
  • Enterprise ($50,000/month)
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The following services excel at B2C link-building. They have a proven track record of working with reputed websites and offer a wide range of solutions, like guest posting, digital PR, link reclamation, and niche edits.

4. Authority Builders

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Founded by SEO expert Matt Diggity, Authority Builders helps websites build natural backlinks through guest posting. It offers three solutions for quality link-building:
  • ABC Plus: A custom link-building service that starts at $500/month. It includes competitor link analysis, anchor text analysis, discounted backlinks with a proven track record, and month-to-month reporting.
  • View Inventory: A guest posting service for those who want more control over the quality of their links. It lets you choose your target URL, domain metrics, and anchor text.
  • ABC Packages: A flexible guest posting service that lets you create custom packages. Prices depend on your DA/DR(domain rating), link quantity, and word count preferences.
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To ensure you get your money’s worth, Authority Builders offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on backlink quality and continual placement.

Best for

B2C businesses and small website owners


The prices for View Inventory and ABC Packages are variable. The ABC Plans are as follows:
  • Basic ($500/month)
  • Intermediate ($1,000/month)
  • PRO ($2,000/month)
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5. Fat Joe

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Since 2012, Fat Joe has helped over 5,000 clients build quality links to their pages. Today, it’s known for its blogger outreach and digital PR services.
However, that’s not all it offers. A cursory look at its catalog reveals a wide range of services (aimed at both website owners and SEO agencies) such as:
  • HARO link-building
  • Press release syndication
  • Brand mentions in trusted media websites
  • Natural link insertions on aged blog posts
  • Multilingual links from bloggers in local languages
Like most link-building agencies, Fat Joe guarantees continual link placement (at least for 90 days).

Best for

Anyone interested in digital PR and influencer marketing


Here’s what Fat Joe charges for its popular services:
  • Blogger Outreach (£60-£280/placement)
  • HARO link-building (£1,000-£2,250/campaign)
  • Press release syndication (£95-£250/release)
  • Niche edits (£60-£280/placement)
The services in this section cater to a broad range of niches. They offer versatile link-building solutions, including but not limited to guest posting, link insertions, local citations, and content syndication.

6. Loganix

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Loganix is a full-stack SEO agency that excels at guest posting. It offers a host of link-building services, including:
  • HARO(help a reporter out) link-building
  • Niche-specific backlinks from high-DA websites
  • Brand mentions in premium editorial content
  • Niche and non-niche edit links in existing content
  • Press release and distribution services
  • Content marketing-based backlinks
Like most link-building services, Loganix guarantees successful link placement. If a link is rejected or removed, the company will replace it with an equal or better opportunity at no additional cost.

Best for

Websites looking for editorial links and high-quality guest posting


Loganix has different plans for each of its services. Its guest posting plans are as follows:
  • Basic ($200/post)
  • Premium ($300/post)
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notion image is a white hat link-building service that caters to:
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise
  • Law Firms
  • Startups
It combines site audits with link-building tactics like guest posting and manual outreach to drive results. It also leverages SEO optimization and content-gap analysis for optimal results
A great thing about is that it offers a free replacement for links you’re dissatisfied with or those removed by a host.

Best for

Websites that want to build quality links at scale


Linkdoctor offers the following plans:
  • Gold (for small-sized businesses)
  • Diamond (for medium-sized businesses)
  • Platinum (for large businesses)
  • Custom (based on competition, industry, and keywords)
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8. Sure Oak

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Sure Oak is one of the few agencies that offer scholarship link-building. This powerful technique leverages .edu domains (university websites) to build high-authority backlinks.
Besides this, Sure Oak offers white hat link-building services like:
  • Guest posting
  • Broken link-building
  • Link reclamations
  • Resource page link-building
  • Linkable asset promotion
  • Digital PR
It also has a white-label service for agencies looking to outsource their link-building efforts.

Best for

Businesses looking to build scholarship links


Sure Oak offers five plans:
  • Starter ($2,000/month)
  • Standard ($3,250/month)
  • Professional ($5,000/month)
  • Premium ($7,500/month)
  • Enterprise ($10,000/month)
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9. The Hoth

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The HOTH (short for “Hittem’ Over the Head”) offers custom link-building solutions for various industries. It specializes in link and blogger outreach but is also great for:
  • Foundational links
  • Local directory citations
  • Press release syndication
  • Linkable assets distribution
  • Ranking social media content(like YouTube videos and Facebook pages)
If you prefer a hands-off solution, check out HOTH X - a fully managed service that drives better results through an advanced SEO process.

Best for

Businesses that want to accelerate their blogger outreach


Here’s what HOTH charges for its top-selling services:
  • Link and blogger outreach ($150/post)
  • Local citations building ($79/month for 10 citations)
  • Press release writing and distribution ($149/release)
  • Content syndication ($99/distribution)


notion image is a premium link-building service trusted by global brands like Udemy and Tripadvisor. According to its website, it uses over 20 link-building techniques, including:
  • Directory link-building
  • Award link-building
  • Unlinked brand mentions
  • Guest posts
  • Editorial outreach
In addition, provides SEO and content strategy guidance to its clients. It also delivers real-time updates on its campaigns using a shared tracking file.

Best for

Companies with a significant link-building budget

Pricing offers three plans:
  • Pro ($5,999/month)
  • Growth ($9,999/month)
  • Custom (aimed at agencies)
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Although there are plenty of good link-building services out there, there are also some that use questionable tactics and oversell spammy links. Sadly, it’s easy to fall for their gimmicks – which is why we've put together this list of services for you to avoid:

a) Low-Cost Services

Link-building is a cost and resource-intensive endeavor that requires:
  • SEO experts to perform audits
  • Outreach specialists to find(and finalize) relevant opportunities
  • Writers to create link-worthy content
…and link-building tools that help with prospecting and outreach.
If anyone tells you otherwise or claims to build X links for $5 or $10, you need to steer clear of them.
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b) Negative SEO Blast Services

These services spam your competitors’ sites with low-quality links to reduce their rankings. They usually build thousands(or millions) of such links to trigger a penalty.
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In addition to being unethical, this is also ineffective.
According to Google’s John Mueller, the search giant is pretty good at ignoring negative links – making these services a complete waste of time and resources. If you’re reading this, you’re certainly looking to avoid that.

c) Services That Use “Write for Us” Pages

Some agencies use the “Write for Us” page to find guest-posting opportunities. The problem with this is that:
  • The majority of these sites are built to sell backlinks. As a result, they accept contributions from anyone and link out to all kinds of domains(gambling, adult, etc.).
  • There’s a high correlation between manual penalties and sites with words like “Write for Us” and “Guest Posts” on their pages. Take a look at this video to learn more:
Video preview
Ideally, you'd want to work with services that blacklist these websites (check out their homepage and FAQs for more information). Also, as part of due diligence, you'd want to scan prospects shared by agencies for any red flags.
Link farms and PBNs are link schemes designed to manipulate SERPs. The difference between the two is that one is a network of websites linking to each other, whereas the other is a network of sites created solely to build links to one website.
As of 2016, both PBNs and link farms are considered link spam. Nevertheless, some agencies still use them for link-building.
If you want to avoid a penalty (or worse, a manual action from Google’s Web Spam Team), avoid backlinks from sites with:
  • Poor quality content
  • Low organic traffic but abnormally high DA/DR
  • Spammy, irrelevant domain names
  • A high number of backlinks(with irrelevant anchor text)
  • Anonymous authors

e) Services That Don’t Have Experience in Your Niche

Always look for services that have experience in your niche. To be clear, they don’t have to be niche-specific. However, they should have demonstrable experience(supported by case studies or testimonials) in your industry – since that would make them fairly well-equipped to deal with its unique challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some common types of link-building services are:
  • Guest Posting Services: They publish your content on other websites and help you get backlinks(or brand mentions) in exchange. Their operations are content-intensive.
  • Link Insertion Services: They build backlinks from existing content with a few contextual changes. Their operations don’t require extensive content creation.
  • Link Reclamation Services: They monitor online mentions of your brand and reach out to sites that have mentioned your brand but haven’t linked back to your website.
  • Local Citation Services: These services ensure your business is listed in all the important online directories.
  • Digital PR Services: They combine public relations and SEO strategies to improve your brand awareness and visibility online.
Based on our experience, we suggest you consider the following when hiring a link-building agency:
  • Experience: Consider services that have a proven track record in your niche. An agency with a history of successful campaigns (supported by case studies and testimonials) is more likely to deliver quality results.
  • Replacement Guarantee: Ensure the agency offers a replacement guarantee for lost (or ineffective) links. This demonstrates a commitment to delivering value for your investment.
  • Reporting: A reliable link-building service should provide regular reports on the progress of your campaign, including updates on new links(with their anchor text, link type, and target page URL) and their overall impact on your SEO.
  • Pricing: Consider the pricing structure of the agency. See what’s included in the cost, whether it’s a one-time investment, and if there are any additional charges.
  • Customization: A good link-building agency should offer customized strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals. Ideally, you’d want someone who takes some time to understand your business and come up with a personalized plan.

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