15 Email Outreach Templates That Get Results

15 Email Outreach Templates That Get Results
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Over the years, we've written hundreds of outreach emails for Smarttask.io and figured out what works and what doesn't.
In this post, we’ll share 15 cold email templates that hit the mark for us.

How to Use the Outreach Templates

To get the best results from the templates on this list, tweak their body copy and include your thoughts about a prospect’s blogs, personal experiences with their product, or any helpful observations (like an error or a UI issue)
This is important for two reasons:
a) Personalized emails have a better response rate: According to a study of 12 million outreach emails by Backlinko.com, personalized emails have a 32.7% higher response rate.
                                                                         Source: Backlinko
Source: Backlinko
b) Personalized messages help build rapport: By including personal observations in your outreach, you show a deep understanding of a prospect's brand and content. You also set yourself apart from link builders who spam people for backlinks.
Also, templates, at their core, are like recipes. You can adjust them according to your preferences (or, in this case, your target audience’s needs). So, don’t be afraid to experiment or make changes wherever necessary.
Now that you know everything you need, let’s get right into it.

Guest Posting Email Templates

With more people competing for guest posting opportunities, it's more important than ever to personalize your pitches and highlight your best work.
Here are two templates to help you with that.

Template #1: For inquiring about contributions

Subject Line: 🚀 Content collaboration with [your domain name]
Hello 👋 [name],
Just dropping a line to see if we could collaborate on a guest post. We write for the same target audience and are currently exploring topics like [list of potential topics you want to write on].
Btw, here are some articles we’ve written for brands like [name 3 or 4 brands you’ve written for].
[Blog post link 1]
[Blog post link 2]
[Blog post link 3]
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  • P.S. If you’re not the right person and someone else handles such requests, could you please point me to them to take the conversation forward?*
[Your signature]

Template #2: For highlighting a content gap

Subject: Missing content on [prospect’s domain name]
Hi 👋 [name],
I couldn't help but notice some areas where [prospect’s domain name] has the potential to grow even further.
🔍 Here are some content gaps worth exploring:
1. [topic 1]  (list metrics like keyword volume, difficulty, and traffic)
2. [topic 2] (list metrics like keyword volume, difficulty, and traffic)
3. [topic 3] (list metrics like keyword volume, difficulty, and traffic)
We've been partnering with some of the web's coolest brands, churning out content that not only ranks but resonates. Check these out:
[Blog post link 1]
[Blog post link 2]
[Blog post link 3]
The goal here is to create content that not only drives traffic but also enhances the user experience on your website.
Interested in discussing this further?
[Your signature]
P.S.: Smartlinks has an upcoming feature that will enable you to guest post on high-authority SaaS websites. To get early access to it, sign up for Smartlinks.
Broken link building involves identifying dead pages on other websites and replacing them with your content. Despite its apparent simplicity, it’s one of the toughest strategies to crack on this list.
The good news is that our battle-tested approach (read more about it here) can help you make the most of BLB. We suggest you combine it with the following template for optimal results:
Subject line: Broken links in [title of the post or page]
Hi 👋 [name],
I was looking for some resources on [the topic related to the dead page] when I came across your excellent post [name of the post with the broken link]
Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice that the page had a broken link. Here’s where I found it:
[Include a screenshot of the dead link]
I recently published a post on [the topic of the dead page] here on [your website’s name]:
(Share a link to your post)
If you want, you can use it as a replacement for the dead page.
Either way, keep up the great work 🙂
[Your signature]
Found your brand or linkable assets on websites that aren’t linking to you? Fire this email to convert them into backlinks:

Template #4: For unlinked brand mentions

Subject line:  Hey [name] – Thanks for mentioning [your site]
Hey 👋 [name],
I noticed you [mentioned our brand/used our (case study, infographic, or any other linkable asset)] on your site, here: [URL].
Thanks a lot for including it! I’m glad you think it’ll be useful to your readers.
However, would you consider adding a link to our website? The link for this [infographic, case study, stat, etc.] is here: [URL].
We put a lot of effort into creating this resource, so I’d really appreciate it if you could update the article with the link.
Thanks again for including our brand!🙂
[Your signature]
Listicles and how-to guides can be a great source of backlinks. However, getting featured in them can be incredibly challenging, especially if they’re ranking high in SERPs.
Fortunately, we've got just the template to snag these opportunities.
Subject line: Question about your latest post [title of their post]
Hey 👋 [name],
I was looking for resources on [topic] when I came across your great post [title of the resource page].
I found [resource from their post] especially helpful. [Explain what you liked about it]
I actually recently put together a post on [similar topic]: [URL of your page]
It [2-3 lines about your post].
If you want, you can add it to the [section name] section of your post.
Either way, keep up the awesome work 🙂
[Your signature]

Skyscraper Technique Outreach Template

The Skyscraper Technique involves improving an existing piece of content and then pitching it to websites linking to the older piece.
We really like the following template for this:
Subject line: New, updated resource for your post [title of the post]
Hi 👋 [name],
I was looking for resources on [topic] when I stumbled upon your excellent post [title of the post].
Really liked [mention 1 or 2 things you liked about their post].
Anyway, I noticed that you’re linking to this page on [topic] – [URL of older, existing piece]
We’ve created something similar at [your site], although it’s more comprehensive and up-to-date:
[URL of your version]
If you want, you can use this in your post.
No pressure, though. Just thought it might be useful!🙂
[Your signature]

Infographic Outreach Template

Infographic outreach involves promoting and sharing infographics to secure backlinks from other websites. In our experience, the following template works best for this type of outreach:
Subject line:  Infographic for your post [post title]
Hey 👋 [name],
I just read your piece on [topic]. Loved your take on [mention a key theme or an important point from the post].
I actually just put together an infographic on [similar topic].
I thought this would make a great addition to your post.
Let me know what you think.🙂
[Your signature]

Podcast Outreach Email Templates

There are two ways to use podcasts in your link-building campaigns:
  • Be a guest on other podcasts: This can boost your brand’s visibility and earn you high-quality backlinks.
  • Invite others to your podcast: This can help you cultivate relationships in your niche, which could eventually lead to backlinks.
We've shared templates for both of these approaches:

Template#8: For getting invited to a podcast

Subject line: I’ve got content for your podcast [podcast name]
Hi 👋 [name],
I’ve been following your podcast [name of the show] for a while now and really like your writing.
I especially liked [episode no.] because [your takeaway].
Anyway, I noticed you haven’t had anyone on the show lately to talk about [topic].
I’ve [explain how this topic has benefited you or your business] and would love to share how I did it with your tribe!
(Optional) Here are some other podcasts I’ve been on:
[Link to podcast 1 episode]
[Link to podcast 2 episode]
[Link to podcast 3 episode]
Let me know your thoughts! No pressure, of course. It’s 100% about adding value to your audience.🙂
[Your signature]

Template#9: For inviting guests to your podcast

Subject line:  Potential guest on [podcast name]
Hi 👋 [name],
I’ve been following your work for a while now and I love your insights on [topic].
Your recent [interview, article, podcast, roundtable, etc.] on [topic] is exactly the kind of subject I’d love to talk about on my podcast [name of your show hyperlinked].
I’d love to have you as a guest for an upcoming episode on [topic].
To give you a fair idea of what my show is like, here are some of our popular episodes:
[Link to episode and guest name]
[Link to episode and guest name]
[Link to episode and guest name]
I understand you’re busy, so I’d be happy to work around your schedule.
When would be a convenient time to chat?
Either way, keep up the awesome work 🙂
[Your signature]

Influencer Outreach Template

Another great way to earn backlinks is to have influencers in your niche endorse your content. Of course, getting their attention can be tricky – which is why, we suggest using the following template to personalize your outreach.

Template#10: For collaborating with influencers

Subject line: Collab opportunity with [your site name]
Hey 👋 [name],
I’ve been following your [blog, podcast, LinkedIn, or Twitter account] for a while and love your take on [topic].
I’m reaching out to discuss a potential collaboration. I’ve recently published a blog on [topic] that might interest your audience.
It would be great if you could share it with your [followers, readers, or listeners] or link to it in a future post.
Either way, keep up the great work 🙂
[Your signature]

Expert-Roundup Outreach Template

To create an expert roundup, you need to forge connections with the best people in the industry. Considering how many requests they receive each day that’s not an easy feat.
With this template, however, you’ll be able to build rapport and even get a response from them.

Template#11: For requesting expert insights

Subject line: Contribution request for a roundup post on [topic]
Hey 👋 [name],
I’m a HUGE fan of your work at [the expert’s domain name] and I really like how you [mention a step or strategy executed by the expert].
Anyway, I know you’re busy, so I’ll get straight to the point. I’m putting together an expert roundup on [topic] for [your website], and I was hoping you could contribute by answering this question (or these questions):
[Questions for the roundup]
(Name other contributors) have already shared their valuable input. However, your insights would be the icing on the cake.
Looking forward to your response.
[Your signature]

Content Promotion Template

Want to get more eyeballs on a recent piece of content?
Create a list of influencers, experts, and creators in similar niches and send them this message. Also, share it with connections who are interested in the topic.

Template#12: For promoting a recent post/linkable asset

Subject line: Feedback request for a post on [topic]
Hi👋 [name],
I know you get a ton of emails, so I’ll keep this short.
I’ve been following your [blog, podcast, etc.] since [year]. Your take on [topics covered by the recipient] really resonated with me and helped me [something you attribute to their advice].
I’ve actually published a post on [similar topic] at [your website] and was wondering if you could take a look at it: link
It would be great if you could give me some feedback or leave a comment.
Either way, keep up the great work!🙂
[Your signature]

Partnership Inquiry Email Template

Looking to work with brands in “shoulder niches”?
Here’s a template for highlighting the benefits of teaming up with you:

Template#13: For proposing a content marketing partnership

Subject line: Let's team up and create something great!
Hey 👋 [name],
This is [your name] from [domain/company name].
I noticed you have a [product/service name] that enables [specify their target audience and what their product accomplishes].
We actually have [your product hyperlinked] that also helps [specify your target audience and what your product helps them with].
Since we cater to the same audience, I thought we could team up for a marketing campaign.
Here’s what we can offer:
[Partnership benefit 1]
[Partnership benefit 2]
[Partnership benefit 3]
We have a few partnership options, such as [list options], that I’d love to discuss with you.
Let me know when we can get in touch.
[Your signature]

Testimonial Outreach Email Template

Sometimes, building a backlink is as easy as writing a review for a product or service you really like. All you have to do is compile your best experiences and share them in an email like this:
Subject line: Sharing my awesome experience with [product or service name]
Hey👋 [name],
This is [your name] from [your domain/company name].
Just reaching out to tell you that I’m very impressed with [their product/service name].
I’ve had such a positive experience with your [product/service], that I felt compelled to share it with you:
[Your testimonial (enclose a video version as well)].
I thought you might want to include this on your testimonials page. If you do, would you consider linking back to my website?
Either way, keep up the great work! 🙂
[Your signature]

Press Release Outreach Template

Whether you’re launching a new product, publishing a case study, or just trying to boost your brand’s visibility, this template will help you pitch your story to journalists.

Template#15: For promoting new content/services

Subject line: Announcing a new [product/case study] from [your website]
Hi👋 [name],
I’m an avid reader of [publication name], and I really like your coverage of [topic].
If you’re interested in delving deeper into [similar topic] or getting expert insights into [broader niche], I [know someone/work with a company or individual] that has recently [launched a product, published a study, etc.]. You can learn more about it from this press release: link
Here are some key points:
(list 2-3 main points from the press release)
Let me know if this interests you.
[Your signature]

Wrapping Up

You now have 15 email outreach templates to launch a successful link-building campaign. To make the most of them, combine them with our SaaS Link-Building Guide or these game-changing strategies for building backlinks.
A word of advice, though: These templates are only the first emails in a sequence. If you want to follow up on them (which you most likely will), you’ll have to craft your own messages.
To really ramp up your link-building efforts, try Smartlinks — an innovative platform that helps you build high-quality links without outreach.

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