Shyamal Parikh

Shyamal Parikh

Founder of and Passionate about marketing and productivity. Over the years I have learnt and experimented with a lot of ranking factors and these articles are a way for me to share the same with you.


  • Passionate about building products and solving tough problems
  • SEO Specialist and Link Builder
My mission is to help websites gain authority in eyes of Google so they can rank higher. I feel immense joy when I rescue a fellow link builder from all the tiring and frustrating grunt work involved in link building. - Shyamal Parikh


Shyamal Parikh began his career as an Embedded Engineer building complex algorithms for a contractor associated with Bhabha Atomic Research Center. His passion for solving problems and building products led him to found A work productivity tool helping organizations track and manage their processes.
While executing he realized the importance of SEO and how search is the biggest driver of inbound leads. Dis-satisfied with the grunt work needed for link building he came up with the idea of A match-making tool that helps simplifies the process of link building.
As a Founder and SaaS enthusiast, he loves sharing and discussing insights on productivity, processes and SEO. is a crowdsourcing tool to find link opportunities. As single link builder you can only find so many opportunities. But as an extended team we collate all opportunities in one place.
This blog is an attempt to share our learnings and insights on how you can scale traffic for your website.